We are seasoned software engineers, projects managers and now founders

It all started with a passion for programming at Warsaw University. Being the best engineers and delivering code without errors. Being extremely focused on quality and high standards. We’ve worked for our reputation for years. Now we would like to serve you.

What are our core values?

We focus on long-term relationships built on trust and transparency. We would like to be your partner, not just vendor.

Track record of excellence

First of all, we focus to deliver what you primarily expect – very good engineers. All of them are carefully checked by us.

Love for the craft

Apart from engineering skills, we know that people with passion deliver more. We are looking for those who love they work.


We know that having big ideas is great but making them happen is even greater. Plan & execute.

Agile approach

Small scrum ‘two pizza’ team works best. Max 5-7 people in one team. Being fast and agile is important even more.

Feedback and retrospective

Feedback is a key factor for development. It is a rare skill to know how to give feedback that motivates people to change.

Remote teams

Github, Jira, Slack. We are using these tools for effective communication. Facetime with the team is also very important.

 Your partner, not just vendor

We are neither a recruiting agency nor a software house. We would love to become your partner in your new FinTech venture.

What People Are Saying

“We didn’t believe that it was so simple “

Greg Moritz, Artez

“We are an NYC startup in Fintech industry. We were struggling to find quality Java developers in NY. It was almost impossible. Now, we have a team in Poland consisting of 3 backend developers and a part-time DevOps. From time to time we order also frontend developers (JavaScript with React.js/Redux). I am very happy with that cooperation and definitely, we will grow more in engineering …in Poland”

David Cole, Monarch

“We are Berlin-based Fintech company, we’ve received second investment round and investors expected that we would manage what we had promised. To do that we needed developers, now. Finding 7 Java Devs in Berlin was an issue. We decided to find a team in Warsaw. It takes our Product team 1h direct flight to get to our team. On daily basis we use Slack, GitHub and Hangout. It works, and in May 2019 we will launch core product”

Taylor, Fincatch

“We are building Fintech product – API platform that provides “CFO as a service”. We started working with folks from JavaShop in August. Now our team counts 5 developers, 1 tester and DevOps (2 days per week). They are really good – no questions. I highly recommend calling for them when you are in need”

Vilmor, FinSolutions

You Can Hire Only One Developer

Being a startup’s CTO, it is obvious that at the moment you might only be looking for your first developer. We are at your disposal and happy to help. The team can grow if you need it.

We Are Not Limited Only To Java

Our main focus is Java 8, but there is also a possibility to fill the team with Front-End Developers (React.js, Angular, Vue.js) and Mobile (React Native). Testers and QA are also available.

Ready to get started?

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