Try Poland: Find an Excellent Team, Network, and Financing

Poland Prize: The aim of Project

Poland Prize is a highly specialized programme encouraging foreign start-ups to run a business in Poland. It supports both acceleration and smooth landing for startups and helps them grow within the fast pacing business ecosystem. It is financed from the sources of The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

What Kind Of Support Can You Expect?

Who Can Apply For The Poland Prize?

The programme is conducted by 6 operators experienced in supporting the development of early-stage tech companies. Each of them operates within a defined geographical area and handles specific industries. Visit their sites, compare their offer and choose the best fit for you. Here they are:

How To Apply?

Recruiting takes place through forms available on the websites of each of 6 operators. You need to take the following steps in the application process:

1. Choose the Operator.

2. Submit the application form and your pitch deck.

3. Meet the advisors for an interview.

4. Get selected and join the acceleration.


Deadlines for applications are conducted in rounds. You can complete the application at a time convenient for you.