Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to be your trusted partner while starting a new venture. Your success is our success.

Can I hire Devs directly?

Yes, you have this possibility. It’s all up to you. After 1-year of cooperation, you will have an option to hire the engineers (hire directly) after paying a recruitment fee. We know how important for your success is to have own team. We help with that.

Who is Success Manager?

We assign to each client Success Manager. He is responsible for smooth cooperation between you and us from day one of our contract. He measures how the team and you are satisfied. He is also acting as a lightweight Project Manager.

What about team continuity?

It happens that some team members can decide to leave the project. We will take all operational cost of managing the employee & assure continuity in case an employee decides to leave. You do not need to worry about it at all. 

How does the kick-off look?

Usually, we propose to prepare kick-off onsite, e.g. in your office HQ. The team travels for 2-3 days for onboarding. We can also make it that you will visit the team and have kick-off in Poland. Sometimes this way is more convenient.

Do Devs work remotely?

It depends but generally we have them in one location (Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan etc.). They work every day in the office. It means that you can have face time with them while visiting the office. It is crucial to keep the team engaged.

What is Time & Material?

We work using Time & Material approach. It means that we define two parameters in our contract: Time, which is a duration of our engagement, Material, which is usually defining who and for what rate will work on the project.

How do you ramp-up team?

We generally build small scrum teams with max 5 devs (2 pizzas teams). We start with Architect who designs and creates components, creates tasks, then other Senior Engineers join the project. It is the most effective approach for start. 

What is a partner network?

We base on our own Java Engineers but sometimes we need to find Developers across our close partner network. Partner network consists of 17 selected partners in Poland that work closely with us to build a great Java team for you.

What is overlapping window?

We have clients in different time zones – e.g. East and West coast in the US. It means that we have to establish window time when we work live (you and the team in Poland). It should be at least 2-3 hours daily. It boosts productivity a lot.

Are we a recruiting agency?

No. We are seasoned engineers and managers who have already delivered a lot of software products. Now we start helping FinTech startups to find Java talents.

Are we a software house?

No. Software houses never let you hire their people directly because these people are their core assets. We do not have this limitation. We build a team for you.

Are we limited only to Java?

No. There is also a possibility to fill the team with FE developers (React.js, Angular, Vue.js) and Mobile (React Native). Testers and QA are also available.

How much does it cost?

We are very open in terms of rates because we know the polish market very well. Please contact us and we will send you the Rate Card. 

Can I hire just one Developer?

Yes. If you are a startup CTO and are looking for the first developer we are also happy to help. The team can grow if you need it.

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