Get Top FinTech Java Engineers

Polish Java Developers are Ranked #1 in the world. Build your new Java dev team in just 2 weeks. Skip recruitment costs, expand your development capacity and start scaling faster. Experts in Java and Microservices.

Meet deadlines

Struggling with finding Java Engineers in Berlin, Zurich or New York?

It is really challenging to find and keep Developers. What if you lose them in the peak of development work to someone who can pay more? Skip that and build your team in Poland. There are many well-respected European Technical Universities offering a high level of education in math and algorithms. It gives you a sustainable supply of vetted developers at competitive rates. Also convenient access by 1.5-hour direct flight from many western destinations, close cultural fit, and easy communication all make Poland an interesting destination of choice for your digital product development.

Team Composition

We compose a team with Architects, Senior and  Regular Java Developers. QA optional.

Top tech cities

We build teams in major Polish cities. The most popular are Warsaw, Cracow, and Poznan.

Times & Material

Time is a duration of engagement while Material defines who and at what rate will work on the project.

Team Office

Engineers will be placed in a dedicated office with conference room and necessary tech equipment.

Team is yours

After a year of cooperation, you can hire engineers directly. You will never lose your developers.

Team face time

We encourage you to have face time with a team to increase motivation and ownership.

One location

Having all your team members in one place improves cooperation, communication and job effectiveness.


We guarantee a fast substitution in case of a loss of engineer to enable smooth tasks’ takeover. 

How does it work?

We start with signing NDA. Based on your technical needs and business goals we recommend the best team setup. Then, we schedule interviews between you and Developers. You check them and pick the best fits. Next, you receive a Contract template. 

Meet your deadlines

When we talk with clients, they usually have two challenges: ‘Deadline is too close’ or ‘Backlog is too long’.

Add a team to accelerate key projects towards the finish line and tackle the projects your team is too busy for. Boost your development. Scale-up and scale-down easily.

Modern technology

We are best in Java 8, Spring 4 (Boot, MVC, Maven, Junit). We focus on Microservice Architecture Design Patterns. Cloud Native.

Databases that are powered by MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and Redis. Git for code versioning, CI with Travis, software run on Docker/ Kubernetes containers and deployed with Ansible and Terraform.

Maintain quality

There are thousands of “adequate” developers. But you never know when they’ll fall behind, and your software will crumble under bugs and tech debt. 

Onboard an experienced external team to modernize your tech stack with triple-checked code, and ensure you’re ready to scale reliably. European engineers have quality built in their DNA.

Engineers who create opportunity

We are incredibly focused on building your team with engineers who use their natural strengths and abilities to create value and contribute to a company’s vision. So you start with ambitious people who want to solve complex problems and love the technology you use.

Tom Maslanka, Javashop.pl COO

Save Money

Stop hiring and start developing with your new team. 

Hiring, training and retaining developers is becoming more of a challenge every day. In the last 7 years alone, developers’ salaries have grown by 22%. Focus on your business goals. We’ll take the rest!

Are we a recruiting agency?

No. We are seasoned engineers and managers who have already delivered a lot of software products. Now we start helping FinTech startups to find Java talents.

How long does it take?

We have a strong hiring pipeline and a close partner network. Based on that we can deliver engineers in less than 10 days. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks. 

How much does it cost?

We are very open in terms of rates because we know the polish market very well. Please contact us and we will send you the Rate Card. 

Are we a software house?

No. Software houses never let you hire their people directly because these people are their core assets. We do not have this limitation. We build a team for you.

Are we limited only to Java?

No. There is also a possibility to fill the team with FE developers (React.js, Angular, Vue.js) and Mobile (React Native). Testers and QA are also available.

Can I hire just one Developer?

Yes. If you are a startup CTO and are looking for the first developer we are also happy to help. The team can grow if you need it.

Free Consultation

You don’t pay until we build the right team for you. Our service is for free. You start paying while engineering team starts working.

One monthly invoice

We will invoice you on a monthly basis for the whole team. It means that your company will pay the invoice for delivery service. Corp to Corp settlement.

Ready to get started?

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